Information to travellers on cash declaration


What are the rules?
If you plan to enter, leave or transit through Malta with €10,000 or more in cash (or its equivalent in other currencies including commodities used as highly-liquid stores of value ) you must declare it to the customs authorities.

Who needs to declare?
Any person entering or leaving Malta, or transiting through Malta and carrying a sum equivalent to €10,000 or more in cash shall be obliged to declare such sum to the Comptroller, SL 233.07 


Moreover, any unaccompanied cash of a sum of a value of ten thousand euro (€10,000) or more which is entering, leaving, or transiting through Malta, shall be declared to the Commissioner by the sender or recipient, or by a representative on the recipient’s behalf, within a period of thirty (30) days from the date when the Commissioner requests a disclosure declaration.

What is cash?

Cash is not only currency. There are other items that are considered cash. In the 'Cash-control Regulation' (see Article 2 of (EU) 2018/1672)
Cash is defined as:

(a) currency;

(b) bearer-negotiable instruments;

(c) commodities used as highly-liquid stores of

value; and

(d) prepaid cards;


How to declare?

If you enter or leave Malta, or transiting through Malta with € 10,000 or more in cash, you must declare it to Customs. You must use the specific EU Cash Declaration Form.

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