Intellectual Property Rights - Cross border measures

Customs Controls the importation and exportation of Counterfeit or fake goods by travelers.

What are the rules?

National law on Intellectual Property Rights - Cross Border Measures Act Vlll of 2000 Chapter 414 and EC Regulation 608/2013 prohibits the importation/exportation of counterfeit/fake goods.

Below extracts apply to travelers accompanied luggage.

Article 3 (3) of  National IPR Law Chapter 414. 
(3) This Act shall not apply to goods of a non-commercial nature contained in travelers’ personal luggage within the limits laid down in respect of relief from customs duty.
Article 1 (4) of EC Regulation 608/13.
4. This Regulation shall not apply to goods of a non- commercial nature contained in travelers’ personal luggage.

Updated 28/05/20 Enforcement Directorate

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