Manifest System

Q. Which browsers are compatible with the Manifest Application.
A. Only Internet explorer displays manifest correctly (version 8 to 11). Unfortunately Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox are not compatible.

Q. My Internet Explorer is not displaying content properly?
A. If your Internet Explorer does not display content properly (Manifest Application without dropdowns), you might need to apply “compatibility view” settings. For IE11(with manifest open), click the cogwheel icon in the top right hand corner of your browser and from the drop down click "compatibility view settings". In the window that opens click add and  then close to complete the procedure.
For IE10 compatibility settings view the attached document 
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Q. I'm running Windows10 and manifest is not displaying correctly.
Check if you are running Microsoft Edge and if so view the attached document
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Q. What changes have to be applied in order to include the MRN field in the manifest?
A. Changes to applied can be found in the e-Biscus Manifest XML File Interface Specification. Learn more
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