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Services rendered on Merchant’s Request

Consignments selected for control, need to be inspected by Customs.  Services rendered before or after the official office hours, during weekends or public holidays, or at any time or day of the year where the goods are presented to Customs at a place other than an approved landing place, as shown in the First Schedule of S.L. 37.05, shall be carried out at the expense of the economic operator by making an application in writing on the approved Customs Form No. 12 (Merchant’s request).


Every Form 12 is to denote the name and signature of trader; the exact date, time and place of actual attendance; the name of the official/s who actually rendered the service/s; as well as the relevant Local Reference Number/s (LRN – unique identification number) of the consignments that were controlled throughout the specific service. Where a service is given towards consignments not covered by an LRN any other relevant document number or container number pertaining to that service is to be listed.


As also provided in Regulation 35 of S.L. 37.05, only the Director General (Customs) is to decide on the number of Customs Officials performing services on merchant’s request.   The number of officials assigned for the specific services are as follows:

  • Release of imported goods from a Customs Area/ premises – 1 Customs Official
  • Release of imported goods at owner’s premises – 2 Customs Officials
  • Acceptance of goods in a public warehouse – 1 Customs Official;
  • Acceptance of goods in a private warehouse – 1 Customs Official;
  • Release of goods from a public warehouse – 1 Customs Official;
  • Release of goods from a private warehouse – 1 Customs Official;
  • Release for Export – 1 Customs Official;
  • Despatching of TSB/ Container/ loose cargo – 1 Customs Official;
  • Discharge/ loading of fuel products – 2 Customs Officials;
  • Inspection of fuel barges – 2 Customs Officials;
  • Fuel waste control – 1 Customs Official;
  • Fuel bunkering – 1 Customs Official;
  • Examination for valuation purpose – 2 Customs Officials;
  • Tallying of T1 consignments – 1 Customs Official;
  • Escorting duties – 1 Customs Official;
  • Fixed point guarding duties – 1 Customs Official (unless otherwise directed); and
  • Sealing of Containers (Customs Auxiliaries) – 1 Customs Official;
  • Processing of Customs Declarations/ Documents outside Office hours – 1 Customs Official.
Updated 08/07/2020 - Compliance & Systems Directorate


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