Director International Affairs & Policy

Main Areas of Responsibility

  • To ensure that the Customs Department observes the obligations assumed as a result of EU membership and international agreements.
  • To identify and disseminate best practices by carrying out rigorous evaluation of resource allocation, costs and performance and to make better-informed decisions on the deployment of resources.
  • To provide ongoing support to the Director General, Customs and other directors, in the attainment of the agreed Business Plan and annual Estimate.
  • To establish clear lines of responsibility and accountability to promote a more cohesive administration.

Core Functions

  • To implement Departmental, Ministerial and Governmental policies in respect of Customs practice and procedure and make recommendations for modifications where it is deemed appropriate with particular emphasis on Malta's obligations as an EU Member State.
  • To contribute to the Business Planning and Estimate processes by Developing Departmental plans which are in line with both Departmental and Ministry objectives and by introducing modern methods for work organisation, planning and resource management.
  • To monitor and control the translation of the Business Plans into action, measuring achievement against plan and taking action where necessary.
  • To offer quality advice to the Ministry of Finance on tax issues and other legislative proposals and to ensure correct interpretation and full awareness of existing legislation.
  • To develop further a public relations strategy to ensure that all persons related with Customs activity would be able to receive promptly accurate, exhaustive and objective information.
  • To expand co-operation with the Customs administrations of foreign states, the institutions of the European Union, and other international organisations with special reference to the World Customs Organisation.
  • To ensure better internal communication leading to better sharing of information and exploitation of available data.
  • To attend the regular Departmental Management Committee meetings.
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